Knauf PFT Knauf PFT


Universal in application


Delivery pumps transport material to the processing location. An open system is a combination with a flow mixer, but pasty bucket goods are also easily pumped to the desired location.

Depending on the model, the delivery performance can be adjusted to suit the material requirements, thus guaranteeing optimal flexibility.

Satisfying diverse requirements

SWING series

SWING series

The little ones from PFT.

The universal feed pumps are ideal for pumping, applying and spraying thin-bodied, pumpable and solvent-free materials. The plastic material container makes cleaning and handling quick and easy.

SWING L airless

ZP 3 series

ZP 3 series

Pump construction site mixes with ease.

The compact design and wide tyres allow straightforward transport over construction sites. The pumps are suitable for processing all pumpable lime/cement-based ready-mix dry mortars as well as wet products, paste-like materials and liquid media.

ZP 3 M