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Mixing shaft BIONIK INSIDE - Less wear and tear. Longer use.

BIONIK INSIDE - Mixing shaft

The mixing shaft is a central component of every plastering machine. It is used to mix dry material and water and drives the pump unit. Knauf PFT has a wide range of products for you, because fine plaster has different requirements than insulating plaster, for example. With the aim of maximum efficiency, the various models are designed either more for high mixing intensity or for building up high pressing pressure. The common feature of all PFT mixing shafts is the Knauf PFT BIONIK optimisation system. The advantage lies in the special component design. It significantly reduces wear on the heavily stressed drive train and ensures longer service lives.



  • BIONIK shape ensures durable good use
  • Contact area increased by 9.7 times
  • The BIONIK shape favours unwinding of the cardanic movement in the drive system
  • The BIONIK shape reduces wear progress in axial direction -
    No axial displacement of the rotor in the stator and the associated reduction in pump capacity
  • Longer service life for heavily stressed parts such as mixing shaft and hauling bracket
  • Pump pressure remains constant for longer
  • Better protection of the motor shaft

Economical and permanent – PFT BIONIK INSIDE for holistic wear protection in the drive train.

Mixing intensity
Indicates the degree of mixing, which can be achieved with the mixing shaft. (AAA: Very high mixing)

Pressure intensity
Describes the conveying behaviour to the pump. The material is pressed downwards over the large contact surface of the mixing shaft arm.


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