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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

1. Foreword

Knauf firmly believes that only a company founded on values can guarantee sustainable growth and identify solutions to overcome the challenges of the future. Being committed to these values means taking responsibility for customers, for environmental protection, and for employees.

Knauf is committed to ethical, lawful and socially responsible corporate governance. We also expect this behaviour from all those with whom we do business.

The Knauf Code of Conduct for Suppliers (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") describes the essential preconditions applicable to our suppliers with regard to compliance with laws and regulations, corruption and bribery, social and working conditions, child labour and the environment. We expect our suppliers to share this commitment and to make reasonable efforts to promote compliance with the principles of this Code among their own suppliers and subcontractors.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

Knauf expects its suppliers to comply with applicable national and international laws and regulations, including the International Labour Convention (the "ILO") and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, industry standards and all other relevant legal requirements. If legal provisions or other rules that deviate from the requirements of the Code should apply in individual countries in which the supplier operates, the stricter requirements in each case must be complied with.

3. Compliance and integrity

Knauf expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning corruption, bribery, fraud and prohibited business practices.

3.1 Combating corruption: The supplier shall ensure that their employees and subcontractors do not offer, promise or grant any advantages to Knauf employees which are intended to obtain a contract or other preferential treatment in business dealings. Invitations and gifts to Knauf employees or their related parties are only granted if they are of insignificant financial value and in accordance with customary business practice. Similarly, the supplier shall not demand undue benefits from Knauf employees.

3.2 Fair competition: Knauf expects its supplier to behave fairly in competition and to observe the applicable antitrust laws. The supplier shall neither participate in agreements with competitors that violate antitrust law nor abuse a possibly existing dominant position.

3.3 Money laundering: The supplier does not engage in money laundering activities and complies with the relevant legal obligations for the prevention of money laundering.

3.4 Intellectual property: The supplier treats business correspondence with confidence. Confidential information, any kind of data worthy of protection, as well as Knauf's intellectual property rights are appropriately secured in accordance with the respective legal requirements.

4. Social and working conditions

Knauf expects its suppliers to recognise and commit to respect the fundamental rights of their workers and to treat workers with dignity and respect, as understood by the international community. Suppliers shall in particular comply with the following provisions:

4.1 Free choice of employment: All employment is voluntary. Forced labour, forced prison labour, forced labour conscription and human trafficking are strictly prohibited.

4.2 No child labour: The use of child labour is strictly prohibited in accordance with the provisions of the ILO, the United Nations Convention and/or national laws. Of these various laws, the law that imposes the strictest requirements is to be applied.

4.3 Remuneration and benefits: All applicable laws, regulations and industry standards on remuneration and benefits shall be complied with. Deductions from benefits as a disciplinary measure are not permitted. Likewise, deductions of benefits not provided for by national law are inadmissible without the express consent of the employee concerned.

4.4 Working hours: All applicable laws, regulations and industry standards on working hours shall be complied with. Overtime must be voluntary.

4.5 No discrimination: Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment on the basis of race, colour, nationality, disability, physical condition, sexual orientation, medical condition, political affiliation, gender, age, appearance or membership in associations, parenthood or any other characteristic protected by law.

4.6 Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining: The supplier recognises the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining within the scope permitted by law.

4.7 Health and safety: The supplier shall provide safe and healthy workplaces for their workers in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards. Harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated.

4.8 Working conditions: The supplier must provide their workers with adequate working facilities. At a minimum, access to drinking water and sanitation facilities must be ensured, and care must be taken to ensure fire safety, access to emergency medical care, adequate lighting and ventilation.

5. Ecological sustainability

Knauf expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as internationally recognised standards for the protection of the environment.

5.1 Environmental permits: The supplier shall ensure that all necessary environmental permits and approvals are obtained, kept up to date and complied with in order to act in compliance with the law at all times.

5.2 Resource consumption, avoidance of environmental pollution and waste minimisation: The supplier undertakes to optimise the consumption of natural resources, including energy and water. Sound measures are taken to prevent pollution and minimise the generation of waste, wastewater and air emissions. Waste water and waste is appropriately labelled and treated prior to discharge or disposal in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

5.3 Hazardous materials and product safety: The supplier undertakes to label hazardous materials, chemicals and substances and to ensure safe handling, movement, storage, recycling, reuse and disposal. All applicable laws and regulations regarding hazardous materials, chemicals and substances must be strictly observed. Substance restrictions and product safety requirements stipulated by applicable laws and regulations are complied with on a mandatory basis.

6. Editing the Code

Knauf shall regularly review this Code and make changes where necessary and appropriate. Important changes are always communicated to suppliers. The latest version of the Code can be found on the homepage

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