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ZARGOMAT pro - Spraying gun for adhesive mortar The multi-talent for efficient material application

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The PFT ZARGOMAT pro is a professional single-handed spraying gun. It is used in the application of adhesives to insulation boards, in the grouting of frames, joints and street paving as well as in the grouting of masonry or the injection of backfill mortar. In the system with a PFT machine, the machine is switched on or off by actuating the handle using a contact switch. At the same time, the piston valve on the spraying gun is opened or closed. This ensures that no material swells out of the glue gun. The result is clean and sparing work without material loss. A swivel joint on the mortar coupling enables fatigue-free operation. A special attachment is available for decorative plaster and reinforcing mortar.


  • The complete application, bonding and reinforcing, air-supported for thermal insulation composite systems
    can be done with the ZARGOMAT pro spraying gun and the matching attachment for decorative plaster and reinforcing mortar.
  • Swivel joint on the mortar coupling enables effortless work
  • Optimised form - does not twist so easily
  • Frame hook for mounting
  • Integrated remote control switch
  • Robust design suitable for construction sites
  • Quick and clean material application
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Lighter. Faster. More efficient.
The professional PFT ZARGOMAT pro single-handed spraying gun guarantees quick and clean work without material loss.

Spraying gun attachment:
1. Hose connection
2. Type of nozzle
3. Angle°
4. Length
5. Rotating coupling
6. Air connection
7. Ø Air nozzle

  • Adhesive application on insulation boards
  • Grouting of frames, joints and street paving
  • Grouting of masonry
  • Injecting of backfill mortar


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DS30_en PFT ZARGOMAT pro Jun. 2019 Brochure
BAL169_en PFT ZARGOMAT pro Mar. 2019 Operating instructions

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