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PFT SERVICE PORTAL for authorised partners

We provide quick and straightforward assistance


How does the PFT service portal work?Easier. Faster. More mobile.

With our service portal, we offer the option of quickly and easily sending a complaint to us and starting the resolution process right away.
Different service options are available to choose from depending on the issue at hand.

For complaints about machines or spare parts and warranty claims, please select theCOMPLAINTform.

In case of defects in the area of spiral pumps, we will provide you with skilled assistance via theROTOR/STATOR COMPLAINToption.

If you have received an excess delivery, incorrect or unordered item,
the GOODS RETURNtab is the right choice for you.

Please report a damaged delivery via theTRANSPORT DAMAGEform.

For repair requests, simply select theREPAIR REQUESTSform.

If you select the appropriate service, you’ll be in touch with PFT Quality Management right away. Different data are required and requested via the respective forms, depending on the type of service needed. The more precise and detailed your problem description, the faster we can process your complaint. A photo or a video says more than a thousand words - it's therefore always possible to upload various attachments with your request.

Please note: Do not send back goods that are the subject of a complaint until we have given our approval!

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