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Cleaning set Clean tools and working environment

Cleaning set

Clean plastering tools directly on the construction sites in a simple and environmentally friendly way.

  • Easy to work with
  • Simple disposal
  • Clean building site


  • Robust adjustable water spraying head:
    - Adjustable one-hand operation
    - Geka coupling or plug-in coupling
    - 7 water jet shapes
    - Ergonomically shaped with soft plastic elements
  • Lashing strap for securing and fastening the mortar hose during emptying
  • Fits on almost every mortar bucket via practical hook system
  • Minimises pollution on construction sites

  • Construction sites in an urban environment
  • Adjustable water spraying head
    Wide range of applications:
    - Cleaning tool
    - Moistening of wall and plaster surfaces


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Description Edition Document type
DS106_de PFT Reinigungsset Aug. 2021 Brochure

Equipment / Accessories


  • Cleaning set Produktbild

    Cleaning set

    Part no. :
    Basic equipment :

    • Cleaning brush
    • Cleaning sieve
    • Mortar bucket 90 litres
    • Adjustable water spraying head
      - Flat jet
      - Full jet - JET
      - Spray jet
      - Spray mist
      - Cone shape
      - Shower jet
      - Centric shape

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