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Perfect mixing quality in daily use


Mixing pumps are used to mix and continuously pump all common gypsum, lime and cement-based dry mortars. Thanks to machine support, materials do not have to be laboriously moved by hand and spread over the site. The material quality remains consistent thanks to the adjustable water factor. This ensures consistent work quality.

Thanks to the perfect compatibility with the complete PFT machine programme, the mixing pumps can be used with a high degree of flexibility. The machines can be directly filled with sack material, but are designed to fit under a hopper. Pneumatic filling over long distances is also possible. Various basic variants, which can be supplemented with optional accessories, ensure the right machine for every need.

Clever solutions for the construction site

G series

G series

THE mixing pump for plastering work.

One for all, and all with one. The PFT G 4 is the compact, easily transportable mixing pump with sophisticated technology that offers high delivery capacity and a long delivery range and can be combined with the entire PFT machine range.

G 4 FC-230V
G 4 FC-230/400V


BOLERO series

This smart solution supports infinite mixing; in this way, materials with a long mixing time in particular can be processed safely, and with perfect quality. The handy PFT BOLERO is a combined mixing, pumping and spraying machine.