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Disposal of packaging

Convenient collection and recycling - for trade and commerce


Disposal of Knauf packaging made easy

The disposal company Zentek collects and recycles all Knauf packaging that accumulates in the trade and commercial sectors free of charge.

Disposal is handled by a local Zentek partner. Make use of this service now - conveniently by email [email protected] Get in touch with Zentek to access all the information you need, the data entry form and to get in touch with your personal Zentek partner.

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All services from Zentek

Our cooperation partner takes care of the nationwide collection and recycling of:

  • Paper, card, cardboard packaging, heavy-duty paper bags
  • Film, PE shrink wrap, stretch and bubble wrap
  • PE foam packing (non-cross-linked), PUR foam packing, EPS packing (Styrofoam)
  • Plastic or steel strapping
  • Buckets, cans, cartridges, hobbocks, canisters, drums made of plastic, tin and aluminium
  • Disposable pallets and packaging made of wood and wood-based materials

Your direct line to Zentek

Hotline: 0800 999 555 8
Email: [email protected]