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2024: 20 years PFT RITMO

For us, the year 2024 is all about RITMO.

20 years ago we introduced the first 230 volt mixing pump PFT RITMO to the market with a bang. At the world's largest construction machinery trade fair BAUMA 2004 in Munich we presented the innovative novelty PFT RITMO - a small allrounder for countless applications - for the first time.

In accordance to its motto “...experience the RITMO feeling” and the sounds of Brazilian samba, the one-person mixing pump danced its way into the hearts of users and professionals.

Today, innovative evolutions and variants of the PFT RITMO series are in use on construction sites all over the world. We have compiled informative insights into the development of the RITMO series as well as numerous successful construction site uses around the world.

Be inspired and join us for an exciting year full of interesting RITMO actions.

...experience the RTIMO feeling with us in 2024.

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  • Start of a success story

    Start of a success story

    Since its launch at the BAUMA 2004 trade faire in Munich, the handy mixing pump PFT RITMO has been winning over plasterers and painters all over the world. Compared to the “large” PFT G 4, the compact one-man machine has two key advantages: its size – it can be easily transported in any passenger car station wagon, and the 230 volt connection – despite the 1.5 kW geared motor, the mixing pump offers countless applications for spraying and applying materials for a grain size up to 3 mm. In other words: Despite AC supply from a common houldhold plug socket, the PFT RITMO is as powerful as a large one.

  • The little one with more value: RITMO plus M

    The small one with more value:
    RITMO plus M

    In 2005, PFT launched the proven value-adding mixing pump, the PFT RITMO plus M. “Plus M” meant the reliable standard RITMO including complete equipment for mortar processing, i.e. plus hoses, plus spraying gun, plus air compressor. Long story short: buy PFT RITMO plus M, connect it and get started. Many processors also praise this machine as “Small PFT G 4”.

  • Filler revolution: RITMO powercoat

    Filler revolution: RITMO powercoat

    With the filler plastering machine PFT RITMO powercoat, PFT revolutionized interior design in 2007. It is the innovation in mixing and spraying technology for the mechanical application of filler. In the past, many tasks had to be carried out manually during filler work. The PFT machine technology makes it much easier, faster and more efficient. It takes just a few steps to machine mix the powder filler compound and spray it onto the surface. The innovative post-mixing system makes it possible to mechanically grind nodules of material for the first time and thus produce a homogeneous, ready-to-spray filling compound.

  • The more powerful alternative: PFT RITMO L

    The more powerful alternative:

    To meet market requirements, the technology of the PFT RITMO has been further enhanced and the demand of our customers for a higher performing motor were taken into account. The PFT RITMO L extended the range of applications and the variety of materials that can be processed. The powerful 2.2 kW drive uses the single-phase network to its full potential. This allows the spraying and application of many materials up to 3 mm grain, even exterior plaster, with hose lengths up to 20 meters. Fully equipped with air compressor, hoses, spraying gun and a small external vibrator, the PFT RITMO delivers FT RITMO L full 230 Volt power!

  • The strong one: RITMO XL

    The strong one: RITMO XL

    In 2010, PFT presented the largest of the RITMO family: The PFT RITMO XL is available either in the “400 volt three-phase” or “230/400 volt alternating current” version or as a combination in the “230/400 volt switchable” version. The powerful mixing pump is all about: more power – stronger pump units – more processing options. Especially the PFT RITMO XL attaches great importance to flexibility: today adhesive and reinforcing mortar in 230 volt mode, tomorrow flow screed up to 60 l/min in 400-volt mode. The highlight: the large machine can be fed via a PFT SILOMAT conveyor system by means of an injection hood and an additional extension hopper.

  • The starter model: RITMO L smart

    The starter model: RITMO L smart

    With the perfect entry-level model PFT RITMO L smart, we were fulfilling customer requirements for small to medium-sized construction projects as well as for newcomers to the machine in 2023. No more tedious manual mixing with a wisker, the smallest addition to the RITMO family does the job. The intelligent small machine is ideally suited for renovation and modernization work and makes construction sites smarter. Small, lightweight, energy-saving and easy to achieve professional results. Depending on the version, the PFT RITMO L smart is available with integrated water pump or with vibrator and accessories - well thought-out system - Flexible in detail, like all machines in the series.

  • Everything is possible with RITMO!

    Everything is possible with RITMO!

    All machines in the RITMO series are characterised by their easy transport thanks to their easy disassembly. The continuously operating mixing pumps are suitable for pumpable dry mortars as well as for paste-like compounds. The inclined material container slides material down perfectly and attention has been paid to a user-friendly filling height. Flexibility is a top priority for the RITMOs: Depending on site requirements, the mixing and pumping performance can be varied by a simple pump change. The complete RITMO family covers a wide range of applications with materials up to 8 mm grain size. PFT RITMO machines are used all over the world. Whether it is a renovation in Berlin, application of floor leveling compounds in Italy, filling plaster in Australia, a modernization in Turkey, fire-resistant mortar in Algeria or frame casting in Cyprus - PFT RITMO offers a wide range of potential applications... and has been doing so for 20 years!


Join us for an exciting year full of interesting activities. Here are our RITMO Anniversary Actions:


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  • Jeffrey from Netherlands | 14-02-2024

    Jeffrey from Netherlands | 14-02-2024

    As you can see, I am very happy with MY Ritmo. Congratulations 🍾
  • Heink Gestaltung Raum&Fassade | 28-02-2024

    Heink Gestaltung Raum&Fassade | 28-02-2024

    Happy anniversary and THANK YOU for our orange-coloured gold piece PFT RITMO 🧡