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Performance features of our products at a glance


Performance features

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Simple operation Simple operation
Our machines are characterised by easy handling, easy transport and easy accessibility for maintenance andcleaning. Language-neutral controls ensure that our technology is explanatory all over the world.
Easy cleaning Easy cleaning
We develop solutions so that essential cleaning work can be carried out as easily and quickly as possible. This includes easy-to-clean plastic and rubber surfaces as well as designs that prevent material accumulating in dead ends.
Quality "made in Germany"
More than 50 years' experience in grout technology stand for quality, reliability and durability. Our machines are very well-reputed in the market. Our PFT G 4 is the most popular proof of performance.
 Worldwide service Worldwide service
Do you have any questions? Our PFT employees on the technical hotline will consult you quickly and competently. Are you at the construction site and need assistance? We are also available for you directly on-site and we are on hand around the world with help and advice.
230V standard power socket 230 volts luminous flux
Ideal for all restoration and renovation work with the popular luminous flux conditions.
Whether you connect your machine directly to a 230 V socket or use frequency transformer technology, the performance will inspire you.
230/400V switchable 230/400 V switchable
PFT helps you boost your flexibility. It doesn't matter whether you have a 230 V socket or a site connection of 400 V, the powerful machines of PFT make it possible.
50 Hz mains frequency Mains frequency 50 Hz
We cater to our customers’ requirements across the world.
We therefore offer you PFT machine technology in 50 Hz design.
60 Hz mains frequency Mains frequency 60 Hz
We cater to our customers’ requirements across the world.
We therefore offer you PFT machine technology in 60 Hz design.
110V mains voltage Mains frequency 110 V
We cater to our customers’ requirements across the world.
We therefore offer you PFT machine technology in 110 V design.
Temperature Temperature
Friction causes heat and this has a negative impact on the rubber of the stator.
The PFT TWISTERs are therefore equipped with a corresponding rubber compound and a quick heat removal.
Power consumption Power consumption
Optimised, reduced power consumption, be it in PFT machines or pump systems.
Tensible Rotor/stator: Tensible
Stators with integrated tensioning bar or slotted stators with an external tensioning clamp: When the delivery pressure decreases, the stators are easily retensioned.
Maintenance-free Rotor/stator: Maintenance-free
Maintenance-free stator "Ready-to-go" - the pre-set voltage allows immediate use.
42V control voltage Control voltage in 42 volts
In order to minimise electrical interferences caused by contamination of the contacts inside the control cabinet as much as possible, we have set the control voltage of our machines to 42 V. This reduces downtimes.
Open system Open system
An open system of PFT consists of a horizontal or pug mill mixer and a conveying pump. The key advantage is that the mixed grout can still be examined and possibly corrected before the pumping process. This is pivotal for some grout mixtures.
Closed system Closed system
In a closed system, you can mix and pump in one operation with only one compact mixing pump. This proven technology ensures the best mixing and conveying during minimum cleaning and maintenance work.
With rubber mixing zone - easy cleaning Rubber mixing zone
The replaceable and durable rubber mixing zone for easy and thorough cleaning of your PFT machine. Ideally suited for processing adhesive mortar. Caking can be easily knocked off. Can be retrofitted in all PFT G-mixing pumps as an affordable wear part.
Hose length Hose length/delivery range
The abrasion-resistant PFT material hoses for screeds, plasters and grouts with a long service life. Available in various lengths and designs. 20 m is possible with the small PFT RITMO L. Our PFT G 4 even manages up to 65 m.
Hose length 60 m Delivery range 60 m
PFT machines have different delivery ranges, depending on the design of the machine and the material.
The compact PFT G 4 mixing pump, which is known for high delivery rates, even manages long delivery ranges of up to 60 m.
Mixing quality Mixing quality
Special know-how on all kinds of materials, close cooperation with the material manufacturers and accessories that are perfectly matched to the machines coupled with our technology enables us to achieve a unique quality of mixtures.
Service life Service life
The longer service life of the PFT pump systems not only delights users, but also the environment.
Pressure stability Rotor/stator: Pressure stability
Rubber deformations often lead to higher wear and reduce the pressure stability. The steel flanks in PFT TWISTER support the rubber and prevent deformations in pressure.
Tensible Rotor/stator: Grain embedding
With a tensionable stator, the stator can be easily retensioned when the delivery pressure and flow rate drop. Grain embedding can be optimised by variable pretensioning.
Grain size Rotor/stator: Grain size
Depends on the respective material. The material determines which pumping equipment should be used. For example, a grain size of max. 4 mm is possible with the tensible stator D 6-3.
Tensible Rotor/stator: Delivery rate l/min
The delivery rate or pump capacity can vary depending on the machine and pump equipment.
It is also dependent on controllable machines and machines with a fixed speed.
Pump capacity Rotor/stator: Pressure range
The pressure range of the respective machines should always be between the guide values specified by the manufacturer. If the pressure is too high or too low, several factors can be responsible.
360° view 360° representation
Experience selected PFT machines in detail with the 360° view.
Protecting your health is important to us: The dust that is extracted during mixing, milling or sawing land directly in the integrated filter bag instead of in your lungs with the help of our M class dust remover by a filter separation performance of up to 99.9%. Up to 80% less dust with the PFT DUSTCATCHER.
Construction site-tested, useful and handy Site-approved
Tried and tested on construction sites, supportive and handy - these are the spare parts and accessories from PFT.