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SAMBA XL The powerful airless piston pump

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The PFT SAMBA XL airless spraying gun is used to apply paste-like materials such as paints, varnishes and even fillers precisely and quickly to walls and ceilings using a spray gun. The unit works with an electric piston pump that sucks in the paint through the movement of the piston. A control valve regulates the desired working pressure, which is shown on a digital display. The model attains a conveying output of up to 5.5 l/min and is particularly suitable for abrasive, viscous materials. A conversion kit for air-assisted spraying enables attractive surface textures.

  • 230V standard power socket


  • SmartControl system and digital display for pressure indication
    (Uniform water-non-sensitive board)
  • Fast Flush cleaning function
  • Especially for abrasive and viscous materials
  • PFT practical tip:
    Filtering is your best protection against premature pump and gun wear, surface defects and nozzle clogging.
    The filters ensure you get the best flow of material and protect against annoying clogs.
    The decisive factor for the material is the mesh size:
    - Fine materials: Mesh size 200
    - Coarse materials: Mesh size 30

Quick and clean paint application - no problem for the airless spraying guns of the PFT SAMBA family.
Allows precise application of pasty materials such as paints, lacquers and even fillers to walls and ceilings.

Attractive surface finish through atomising the pasty filler.
The PFT SAMBA XL withconversion kit for air supported spraying(part no. 00156087) ensures the formation of a finely textured surface.
The air-atomized, pasty smoothing compound can be used as a pure white end coating or with subsequent colour application.
Simple conversion: Remove the airless nozzle holder and fit the conversion kit.

  • Dispersions
  • Sprayable fillers
  • Corrosion and rust protection
  • Large-area roof coating
  • Adhesive and façade paints
  • Silicate paints


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DS03_de PFT SAMBA XL FC-230V Aug. 2017 Brochure
DS04_de Umrüstsatz PFT SAMBA XL May 2009 Brochure
BAL142_de PFT SAMBA XL Jun. 2016 Operating instructions

Technical data

  • SAMBA XL FC-230V<br>230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz Produktbild

    SAMBA XL FC-230V
    230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz

    Part no. :
    Performance :

    Conveying output, max.:
    5.5 l/min

    Max. conveying pressure:
    227 bar

    Basic equipment :

    Connection value:
    230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 1.65 kW

    Pump motor: 1.65 kW

    Pump outlet:

    2 rollers

    Nozzle size max.:
    Max. 0.037"

    Operation and control:
    Continuously variable pump capacity

    Dimensions :

    670/780/730 - 1,020 mm,

    Total weight:
    ~58 kg

    Basic equipment package :

    Conveying hose:
    - High pressure hose DN9 (3/8") - 15 m
    - High pressure hose DN6 (1/4") - 0.9 m

    Spraying gun with nozzle holder:
    In Line Texspray DN9 30°

    Spray nozzle:
    RAC X 531 and 535

    Water hose/air hose:
    Not included

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Equipment / Accessories


  • SAMBA XL FC-230V<br>230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz Produktbild

    SAMBA XL FC-230V
    230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz

    Part no. :
    Basic equipment :

    • Drive motor 1.65 kW
    • Continuously variable pump capacity up to
      max. 5.5 litres
    • High suction piston pump
    • SmartControl system and digital display
      for pressure display
    • Interchangeable filters for best possible
      material flow and protection against blockages
    • Hose reel with connection cable 230V
    • Handy and compact
    • reliable action with power from standard socket

    Basic equipment package :

    • Spray gun In line Texspray DN9 30°
    • Spray nozzle RAC X 531 and 535
    • High pressure hose DN9 (3/8") - 15 m
      High pressure hose DN6 (1/4") - 0.9 m

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Useful extras

Part no.

Bag squeezer SAMBA XL

00098627 Bild

Plastic bucket, black, capacity: 90 litres

20227300 Bild

Conversion kit - air-assisted spraying
for attractive surface textures

Required accessories:
- Spray gun texture DN6 531 (part no. 00096128)
- Air hose DN9 Ewo male part | Ewo female part - 16 m (part no. 00008521)
- Air compressor COMP P-400 III (part no. 00138043)

00156087 Bild

Filter pump, mesh size 30 - coarse materials

00096135 Bild

Filter pump, mesh size 60

00129596 Bild

Filter pump, mesh size 100

00161173 Bild

Filter pump, mesh size 200 - fine materials

00161174 Bild

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