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Less wear and tear. Longer use.


PFT Rotors with reinforced tangAdvantages of the product conversion

We are revolutionizing the market with a new PFT rotor system!
STRONG. STRONGER. REINFORCED - the new PFT rotors with tang

In order to avoid possible tang breakages on the rotor, we are now supplying our D and R rotors with a solidly reinforced tang.
This increase of the cross section
with simultaneous reduction of the lever width
▶ makes our new rotor tangs the strongest in their class!

The new, square trunnion shape guarantees extreme material reinforcement!
The uniform force transmission on all four sides creates no predetermined breaking point on the rotor.

Use of the new rotor with reinforced trunnion requires the use of new mixing blades to ensure that the square tang grips in the agitator.

Simple conversion:
Use the rotor with reinforced tang in combination with the new mixing blades and rely on stability in the future!
For a foolproof conversion, please contact your local PFT service partner.
We have put together combination packages of rotors with tangs and matching mixing blades for you.

Economical. Durable. Long-lasting.

The solution for the well-known construction site problem - tang fractures:The new PFT rotors with reinforced tang.
The improved rotor shape with reinforced square tang is more durable, longer lasting and thus significantly more economical.

The problem: Tang fracture
A problem occasionally encountered on construction sites worldwide is the breakage of a rotor tang under too high load.
The development process in detail: A progressive wear in the drivetrain (= hauling bracket + mixing shaft) of machines
used for many years causes the rotor to slowly move upwards in the stator.
This incorrect positioning of the rotor can lead to tang breakage on the rotor when used with an agitator system
(e.g. ROTOMIX/ROTOQUIRL) and under excessive load.

The intermediate solution: BIONIK
The optimised hauling bracket from PFT has significantly reduced wear in the drive train, thus minimising the risk of tang breakage on the rotor.

The solution: solid reinforced square tang
The technical adaptation of the rotor towards the square tang shape increases the cross-section and reduces the lever width at the same time.
This makes the new rotor tang the strongest in their type!
The new-, square tang shape guarantees extreme material reinforcement.
The equal power transmission on all 4 sides does not require a predetermined breaking point on the rotor.



  • Square tang shape = extremely reinforced material
  • Enlarged cross section
  • Reduced leverage width


  • Equal power transmission of all 4 sides
  • No breaking point
  • Simple conversion: use rotor with reinforced tang in combination with the new mixing blade and rely on stability in the future

  • Before | Afterward

    Before | Afterward

  • Tang area in comparison

    Tang area in comparison




The use of the rotor with reinforced tang requires the use of new mixing blades so that the square tang grips in the agitator.

Due to the intensive remixing of the material in the agitator following the rotor/stator system, the mortar is more supple, more productive and is completely lump-free. Additives have an improved activation due to the intensive shearing - ensuring an easy and uniform processing of the material is ensured.

Agitator systems are used with: Adhesive and reinforcing mortar, Insulating plaster, Floor screed, Floor filler and many more


  • Rotor D 3-4

    Rotor D 3-4
    Part no. 00703849

  • Rotor D 4-2 / 64

    Rotor D 4-2 / 64
    Part no. 00703846

  • Rotor D 4-3

    Rotor D 4-3
    Part no. 00703741

  • Rotor D 5-2,5

    Rotor D 5-2,5
    Part no. 00704307

  • Rotor D 6-3

    Rotor D 6-3
    Part no. 00703740

  • Rotor D 7-2,5

    Rotor D 7-2,5
    Part no. 00704311

  • Rotor D 8-1,5

    Rotor D 8-1,5
    Part no. 00703739

  • Rotor D 8-2

    Rotor D 8-2
    Part no. 00704308

  • Rotor R 7-1,5

    Rotor R 7-1,5
    Part no. 00703742

  • Rotor R 7-2,5

    Rotor R 7-2,5
    Part no. 00704306

  • Rotor R 8-1,5

    Rotor R 8-1,5
    Part no. 00703847